About us





By integrating abstract art prints into fashion design, C S’TUDIO strives to create an avantgardistic and elegant ‘Sphere’.


With this as a starting point, the design duo Limin Han and Xi Zhu formed the mens- and womenswear fashion brand C S’TUDIO. Having graduated from LCF with a Master’s degree, they use their oriental heritage to merge it with European romanticism and modernism to reveal their concepts through a focus on print design. The tales that are being told are for independent professionals who are passionate and life loving.


The name C S’TUDIO is using cases of fashion stories to be detected and explored, on a high level regarding quality of craftsmanship and textiles. That makes the designers being detectives in their very own way, working their path topic through topic per season and developing new interpretations and possibilities of the link between pattern cutting and print design.